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Fun vacation ideas when in Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN Vacation

Nashville is situated in the north part of Tennessee. The city embraces the Cumberland River’s curvature, and It’s a home for over two million people. Also, It’s prominently renowned for its music culture and music scenes worldwide. Also, its culinary life is one of the outstanding amenities that the city has to offer.

If you are in this music city for the first time or a dozen times, you will notice that the fun goes beyond musicality. There are plenty of activities to indulge in. For this reason, we compiled a complete list of fun things to do while you are on Nashville vacation.

1. Go to The Nashville zoo

Fun while on Nashville vacations starts the moment you GET to the Nashville Zoo. It’s always a great place if you have kids. Located at Grasmere, this zoo allows you to see Africa’s plain and deep into the rainforests of South America. Further, you get the chance to explore animals of Asian origin. The zoo has almost 2.700 animals from 365 distinct species. Here you get to see leopards, toucans, and tigers. If you delve further, Baird tapirs, a rare species, are kept in their natural environment.

Still in the zoo, the lorikeet zone allows you to get to the aviary. Here is the point where you get the Australian parrot experience since it houses more than 50 species. Kids will savor the wild animal exhibition and the rough country train. Also, there are jungle spots where the kids can swing, stroll and climb. For extra fun, there is zip-lining in place.

Still, at the Nashville Zoo, you find the adventure science center. It’s a good attraction spot for kids. There are plenty of educative displays related to technology and purported for education. The science zone has a planetarium in addition to a 75 feet tall voyage tour. Kids can therefore play here and reduce some steam. Holiday camps and siestas for kids and adults are also done.

2. Check out the Broadway

As many people got to Nashville to savor the musicality and history, some numbers prefer personal tunes. That said, there is no need to visit the city museum for music. Stopping at Broadway still gives you the experience. There are bars on this path of downtown Nashville. While you are on Nashville vacation, you will notice that these zones are named honky tonky. It’s mostly due to the numerous spots that have live acts.

3. Visit The Grand Ole Opry

There are numerous attractions associated in connection with the famous grand opry land title. It’s the former music industry park that was once the eye of Nashville. This spot started as a radio show in 1902, later rising to become the world’s country music capital. Despite the venue being shifted over the years, the Grand Ole Opry still brags about hosting excellent country music festivals. Be it that you are on time or instead of saying lucky, you will get to see great artists such as carry underwood or brad paisley performs live.

Still, you can add some history to your Nashville vacation by taking tours at the grand ole opry mansion. The tour can expose you to ages of country music history. The guide will share out stories of legends that have once stood at the credited music venue. Also, you will see the photos of the opry’s venerated history. And most of all, it’s all fun if you finally get to the iconic stage.

4. Cruise on the General Jackson boat

Still, in the grand opry, you find this fantastic showboat, a perfect experience for fun. It’s quadruple decked, the built-in resemblance with steamships of the 18th century. It’s a means of enjoying a variety of cruises on the Cumberland River. Further, they have culinary services aboard. You only have to book their show and dining package in advance.

Once onboard, you get to savor the picturesque view of the cityscape from the sea. Then there is the highlight that is usually passing beneath the Seigenthaler pedestrian bridge. You can take the chances of crossing while on Nashville vacation; it guarantees you great river and boat traffic views.

5. Go for Ice Skating

Tennessee is not much known for ice activities. Nonetheless, should you be on a Nashville vacation during winter, there ice spots that are ideal for the activity.

First, there is the centennial sportsplex. And the fun here doesn’t end here; it’s all year round, ideally for all seasons with winter inclusion. It has double full-sized rinks for indoor skating. Also, should you be searching for recreational skating or engaging in sporting events, you will be exposed to both choices. Further, you can watch hockey league games for adults and youths.

· Glow Nashville

If the sportsplex is too enough, you can go for the glow Nashville. This spot is located on the Gilliam way, and it’s a good ice site despite the Nashville climate. If you want to enjoy an icy Nashville vacation, you will realize that glow is not only meant for skating. The place is a home for an enchanted forest, sculptures for district shapes.

Also, there is a Christmas tree, 100 feet. Holiday markets are something that you will find to be common. There are cafes and Santa workshops. But most of it all, it’s the outdoor skating, mostly during November and December, that are worth trying. So if you happen to here in those months, you get the skating experience under the twinkling lights and a pause from indoor skating.

6. Visit the Country Music Hall of Fame

For music lovers, the Country Music hall of fame and museum hall can blend you in with the mix. Being here exposes you to plaques designated for country music legends. They start from patsy cline to john cash. You also get to walk through artifacts such as the guitar used by Jimmie Rodgers and Elvis Presley’s golden solid Cadillac limo.

Should you have time, you can walk through the double-story wall decorated with gold and platinum records of country music. From here, head to studio B, the world’s famous and influential studio.

The studio brags a credit for producing 35,000 documents for legends such as Dolly Parton and Roy Orbison. Finally, if you want to savor country music’s evolution history, you can take a self-guided tour. The two floors exhibit explains the history of the country music entirety.

7. Try out the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center and Greenway

Situated on the broad stretch of Cumberland River, 5 miles east of downtown, Shelby center is a place to get knowledge on the local landscape. Also, there are great recreational activities for one to enjoy. During your Nashville vacation, at this nature center, the cultural and historical displays are things that can’t go unnoticed. Further, there are various artworks.

You can also rent a bike, explore the vicinity or be a part of the environmental education program. Nine hundred fifty acres are featuring more than 9 miles of paved paths ideal for biking and strolling outside. The trails pass through the fields, forests, and streams. The atmosphere here is relaxing and tranquil, and the tracks are easy to follow through.

8. Go on the search for the Parthenon and Athena statue.

While you are on Nashville vacation, recognizing the complete replica of the Parthenon depends on your curiosity levels. That said, you have to go deeper into the history of Nashville. Nonetheless, the statue is an epic thing to see. It was erected in the 19th century as part of the expositions that celebrated the union’s Tennessee century.

It’s still a wonder why they chose to build the Parthenon while they had other building choices. But centuries back, Nashville was known as the south’s Athens, the name stuck on it, and somehow the building emphasized the word. As of today, you can stroll inside the Parthenon and view the Athena statue. It’s an epic site worth your trip and ideal meant for photoshoots, should you be an enthusiast.

9. Go to the Beach

While on a Nashville vacation, some days may get hot, or you may want to relax. The best way is always to take a rest at the beach. Or you can go swimming. But for both activities while in Nashville, visiting the Percy priest beach can work for you.

· The Percy priest beach

This spot is situated at the Percy priest lake. It’s a great comfy place, and you don’t even have to leave town to get here. It only calls for $5 for car entrance. Provided that you are within the premises, you get to savor the picnic tables and the swimming beach. If you are a beginner swimmer, there are 4 ft. deep pools designated for your service. There are plentiful shades and relaxing spots.

Further, if you want to hang out with friends or go swimming, the pinewood social is a good destination. There are also foods and drinks served here. The two outdoor pools are hover on top of cumber Land River and have a bocce hall and food trucks with distinct menus. If you need to relax, there are multiple outdoor seating pools.

10. Take a journey back in time.

One of the memorable epic things to do on a Nashville vacation is visiting the presidential homes. In the Andrew Jackson hermitage, you will find what the US historians claim to be the early preserved history. From its opening in 1899, it has been flocked with over 16 million visitors.

At the Belle Meade plantation, the skirmish site for Nashville’s civil war zone, you can see bullet holes on its pillars. Also, they are doing a lot of construction so don’t be alarmed when you see Nashville commercial demolition contractors working, there is no plans for demolition, just some minor cosmetic work. Further, you can travel the US civil rights trail that leads to the public library’s civil rights rooms or Fisk University. In this part, you learn Nashville’s significance in the civil rights movement and its impact during the 60s and 50s. In the university, you can learn the history of the foot soldiers who fought for the equality of races in the USA.

11. Delve beyond the country music

In as much as country music is the heart of Nashville, it may not appeal to your taste. However, the musical theme does not have to end here. There are more venues around the city. For instance, the Ryman auditorium hosts talent varieties, and it has been in place for more than 125years. During the summer, it houses bands such as the Bucket head and the outlines.

If you get to the mercy lounge, you can experience noise pollution and a black pistol band. If not, the cannery ballroom, on the other hand, hosts the turnpike bands and the Us Duo. Should you be a lover of symphonic music, go to the Schermerhorn symphony center. Here you can find the Grammy award-winning Nashville symphony performances of Beethoven, Bach, and Mahler, among others.

12. Revel the music festival seasons

Nashville vacations are livelier during the music festivals. It’s a music city, of course. During June, there is a food and drink festival. Also the there are country music award festivals in multiple stages around the city.

On the other hand, you can enjoy family-friendly activities during the holidays. And in December, a country is Christmas is something you won’t wish to miss. The Gaylord Opryland features changing Christmas characters, and it’s typically located on two million pounds of ice. Here you can skate, watch holiday shows and do ice tubing.

Further, your family can enjoy a Christmas Nashville vacation once they are at the Cheeck wood estate. The one million lights are an epic holiday experience. There is also the Santa actual reindeer and the gingerbread house decorating.

In retrospect, Nashville is ideally a music state. It is a vacation home for many music enthusiasts, especially during the music festival seasons. One can enjoy other activities, starting from beach activities, biking to skating and even cruising as well. For kids, Nashville is a great learning place that comes along with numerous and fantastic fun activities for both adults and kids. Since it’s much of a historical site, plenty of exhibition halls are worth your fun experience.