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Cheap Travel to and in India

how to travel cheap in India

Looking for something a little different and also searching a cost effective tour? Whirl your mind, dazzle your eyes and fall in love with India’s extremes. India as one of the most ancient civilizations is unknown to none. The old civilization with its timeless monuments and religious places, alluring beaches and snow capped mountain peaks, alluring backwaters and lagoons, cultural heritage and tradition, alluring festivities and fairs, alluring cuisine and historical monuments, alluring wildlife and bird sanctuaries, cultural festivals and beacon points of interest, alluring hotels and heavenly flora and fauna, are big attractions of India. India is, with no doubt, a great tourist destination.

India is a land of monuments. All in all the country has around 45,000 magnificent monuments. Many travelers who tour India spend much of their holiday time visiting monument sites.

Some of these are religious; some are historical, cultural and national monuments and include Harappa and Rajasthan. The major destinations of this state are Delhi (the capital of India), Jaipur (the capital of Rajasthan and also a good tourist destination), Udaipur (the capital of Rajasthan and also a good tourist destination), Jaisalmer (the golden city of Rajasthan, popularly known as the Golden City of India), Jodhpur (also popularly known as the Sun City. One of the major attractions of India tourism is Golden Triangle which includes Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, Pakistan.

These monuments exclusive of India tourism have their own glory and unique charm. Any kind of traveler can easily spend there holidays in India. India tourism offers a wide kind of tourism and varied range of tourism. There sort of Tourism in India offers includes cultural tourism, adventure tourism, heritage tourism, historical tourism, monument tourism, historical tourism resort tourism, tiger tourism, eco-tourism, beach tourism, adventure tourism, luxury tourism, etc.

India is also very popular among for its various archeological sites as well as for its various temples. Temple tourism is the part of India tourism; India has many temples that are originated from different dynasties. And the same old temples also give way to new generations. The kind of temples also differ according to the region and according to the purpose of the temple.

There are various types of temples and forts in India. They are visited by the pilgrims from all over the world. A number of monumental forts of India have now been turned into heritage hotels. These have good facilities and luxuries to offer and accommodate foreign travelers. They include bath, fitness centres, beauty parlour, spa, monitor technologies, decorative lakes and cool place etc. The forts also provide invaluable guide for the tourist. The guide rails and guide books can be helpful and prove to be a very useful guide.

Indian Railways is the most ideal and convenient way to travel in the country. The Indian railway has the world’s oldest Indian trains and the latest trains. The Indian railways transports around thirty two countries. To make your journey safe and hassle free one should look for the right facility. The ideal facility is the sleeper class of the Indian trains. One should book the sleeper class before traveling. It is much comfortable and easier to sleep on the way. The curtains and soft beds of the Indian trains provide a feeling of luxury to the passengers. One should buy the necessary toiletries and other necessary things prior to commencing the journey.

The common problem of the foreign tourists is there is no common language and no common guide. The tourist must be aggressive and bargaining to get better deal. When the flood of tourism is on, it becomes very difficult to provide proper guidance.

Once the foreign tourists start a journey to India, they should stay at least for 3 nights at the great heritage hotels. These hotels are provides a new cultural experience in the life time. These great heritage hotels provide a new Indian ambience and also provide a new enlightenment within the Indian culture.

The great hotels MandalMotazari, Residency Towers of Mumbai and Claridge’s Taj Mahal are much renowned across the world. These grand heritage hotels provide world class accommodation and world class service to the tourist. Not only they offer world class accommodation, but also provide Babaloy Palace hotel points where the art lovers can enjoy the paintings of the Mughal emperors.

Some discount hotels such as ITC Sheraton Neiman Dubai have also emerged in this region. They provide movies, food and transport services at world class levels.

Indian Railways charges for travel by train have been increased. One should buy his dream train ticket from the well known services provided by the Indian railways. From now on Indian railways tickets will be further sold at three levels.