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Where to See Dolphins on Your Next Trip

Dolphins in the wild

Wild Dolphins are under threat, but why is this? Why aren’t the lives of these gentle giants in greater numbers?

Sticking to the oceans for most of life’s history has not been an easy task. Hunting by humans has had its effects and some species have had to adapt to a quieter, more peaceful lifestyle.

Not all of us however, are keen on the thought of watching wild dolphins leaping from the waves and plunging into the water. Some people however, hold a true admiration for these creatures and would do anything – even if it meant dolphin death – to protect them.

Philippines marine life

Up in the Philippines, there is a marine life sanctuary called the Sepik Spirit Aquarium that has a large population of bottlenose dolphins.

Every day, hundreds of visitors walk through its doors and have their pictures taken with the cuddly Atlantic creatures.

The management of the sanctuary has researched what makes the dolphins stay in the area and have come up with an answer. A visiting tourist must sign a waiver on who buys homes in order to enter the sanctuary and participate in any of its fascinating tours. One of these tours takes you out on a boat and allows you to get within a kilometre of the dolphins. You can actually stand within two metres of them.

More information about the Dolphin Habitat can be found at Digsy’s dolphin experience

Palawan archipelago

The Philippines’ Palawan archipelago is famous for a large marine reserve near the south shore of the Philippines. The area is made up of many islands including Tinian, Mayon and the larger Mayon islands.

You can only reach the islands by boat, helicopter or by a landing within the Palawan Islands.

Once you are there, you will be able to see the abundant marine life, which includes the dugong, manatee and turtles.

Zicatela Marine Park

The Zicatela Marine Park is located in Palawan, close to the city of Puerto Galera.

The park is actually a combination of several marine parks, with a particular focus on the marine life of the area. The areas marine life includes starfish, mudskippers, tentacoric dolphins and batory rays.

The park also has areas dedicated to the group of whale species, which include the humpback whale. Of course, its whale watching tours are popular with the usual humpback whale locals in Palawan.

Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano is the third largest of the world’s volcanoes. It destroyed an area larger than Cebu City. The natives of Palawan came to Manila for safety from the devastating Mayon Volcano.

You can climb the crater of Mayon Volcano. The climb normally takes about 6 to 8 hours, where you are afforded amazing views of the crater, its surrounding and the nearby island of Panay. Mount Mayon is considered dormant now, but locals don’t seem too concerned about its eruption.

The popular Tubbattaha springs pool is also located within the Mayon Volcano.

Vicinity of Mayon Volcano is also a great destination for visitors to the Palawan area. The springs are world-class and are said to be able to cure any skin condition, as well as being rich in minerals.


Mayon Volcano is also known as Tubaquismo, which is a play on words.

The tuff structure at the base of the volcano looks like the head of a volcano, but when you go below the ground, you find that it is actually the crater of a much larger volcano.

At the Mayon Volcano, you can see ruins from the pre-Mayon period as well as the city of Malapascua.

Sharing the Mayon Volcano info with a local may be prohibited by some travelers, but it is still a great site to see.

Before you visit the area, it is recommended that you get a voucher from your local travel agent, which you can then present to make the Mayon Volcano experience more enjoyable.

If you’re traveling to the area, there are also great virtual tours available.

Mayon Volcano is also a great place to hike, provided that you choose a guided tour and hire a local guide.

Battery Point is probably the most popular landmark of the area, but there are other notable spots, including the Cathedral and the June Book.

Before you visit the volcano, be sure to check out the surrounding area, especially if you have never been there before.

Also, know that there is a closed loop around the crater rim, which provides a walkway that leads from the base to the summit. This is a great way to experience the awe-inspiring crater area, but only if you can physically go inside.