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Enjoy Some Luxury Shopping in Rome

If you are looking for luxurious shopping opportunities, Rome has plenty to offer. The largest of Italy’s cities, Rome boasts a hidden artistry and history just waiting to be discovered. If you are holidaying in Rome, you are in for an experience that you’ve never heard of before. From one of the city’s best shopping centres to designer boutiques and luxury retail stores, there is plenty of shopping to enjoy.

Designed by architect Vitruvius, Rome’s largest public square, Piazza Navona is an excellent place to shop. Although it is a themed square, it really is a great place to find some fabulous Italian shopping. Among the main attractions are the 12th century Palazzo Calimpso and the 15th century Palazzo Nuovo and, just outside the square is the magnificent ancient Colosseum.

If your tastes run to the more traditional, traditional shopping you’ll find plenty of shops to satisfy your palate in the Spanish Steps. The popular spots in Trastevere include designer boutiques like Zara and things to do with children, like the Café Napolitano toy shop where you can pick up a royal blue crossbody bag.

To enjoy truly authentic local flavours, visit the façade of the Barcaccia (dried ox tail) lit up by candles. Located on the ground floor of theAccademia building, the candle shop is the perfect place to experience some Christmas magic.

After a hard days sightseeing, you will certainly need nourishment and a refreshment to help you sleep off your experiences in the city. Luckily, Rome has plenty of renowned and reputable cafés and restaurants to help you enjoy a delicious Italian meal in the evening.

Nestled on the edge of the city, thePiazza di Spagna(Piazza Navona)is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing lunch or a moment of people watching. The square is renowned for its cafes and restaurants and it seems unique that they all have impressive views of the fascinating detail and architecture of the Italian capital.

Just off from the Piazza is the gorgeous Fountain of the Four Rivers, designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1651. Set within a wider context of the surrounding architecture, the fountain is a masterful example of Renaissance architecture and water display technology. Although the exact origins and historical context of the fountain are unknown, it can be clearly conceive of as a ‘returning of the water’.

posters for sale on Cafe per downtown? The ones with a bit of info on the history behind each are a bit more fun but still timely.


If you’ve finished sightseeing and feel like an afternoon nap, head for one of the city’s many green spaces andacreages. For a pleasant and relaxing afternoon, visit the Jardin Australien de Carstairs and surrounding gardens.abberves, acerbctorsand other garden dwellers are a great place to sit and refresh oneself. You are certain to spot a celebrity somewhere in the gardens.

After lunch don’t forget to indulge in one of the delicious conscious cakes at cafe Rome!

Evening fun

The evening version of the market begins at 6pm and 7pm every day. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to wander round and soak up the history of the city.

From old haunts with a more sophisticated ambience, to Florentine gems with great vistas, there really is something for everyone in the late evening hours.

All the shops stay open until well past sunset, so you can expect a very lively atmosphere. Parlour doors swing open to let you in and close again at a leisurely pace. The most famous and cosmopolitan of the Via Francigena, the Piazza Santa Maria del Popolo, is also represented.

The Via Francigena is also home to a university and with its bars and cafes it is also a very popular place to study Italian. As many of the bars decorate their interior throughout the year, it is a very popular place to begin the evening.

Many of the venues on the Via Francigena close shortly after sunset, so visitors can enjoy a cool drink and continue their explorations of the city after dark.

From the Denon zoo to the Palazzo Pitti, Rome’s famous street market, it’s a great place to wander around and soak up some culture after dark.


The morning market in Rome is even livelier at the start of the day. Cars queue up at dawn to sell their day’s catch, vegetables and fruit, fish, fruits and artisan produce, colorful clothes, wooden crafts and intricate jewellery. Souvenir items abound in this hectic morning market and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a multitude of vendors no matter where you are in Rome.

The Talamanca Mountains – The Ultimate Wildlife Holiday in Costa Rica

The Talamanca Mountain range spans the border of both Costa Rica and Panama. It is the first bi-national biosphere reserve and contains numerous national parks, some of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Any wildlife holiday in Costa Rica should include a visit to this magnificent and unique habitat for the chance to see an amazing array of flora and fauna, along with some of the world’s most stunning birds.

Unique Habitat

One of the reasons the Talamanca Mountains are home to such a varied number of species is due to the unique habitats the geographical area provides. With forested mountainous regions and a generally lowland terrain, the mountains have a rich and diverse ecosystem that includes numerous different kinds of plants and animal life. The Talamanca Mountains are also part of the Talamanca National Park, of which the Talamanca Mountains are a part.

Albany Trek

One of the best ways to experience the diverse wildlife of the Talamanca Mountains is by means of an Albany Trek. This four day event is arranged annually by Beside the Needle Tours and takes adventurers to the foot of the mountains, passing through jungle, rainforests and beaches before ending at a relaxing alpine lake. The incredible mountain range isspectacular, and like no other, the Talamanca Mountains are stunned by sweeping elevations and ruggedness as well as the presence of delicate alpine flora and fauna.

bi-remote treks

If you don’t wish to stray far from the comforts of comforts, a stay in the Talamanca Mountains offers regular opportunities to trek through the local jungle. Stay close to the town of Tenaquepaque while trekking to the foot of the mountains. You will get guaranteed peace of mind to explore the incredible flora and fauna of this area.

La Ensenada

La Ensenada is possibly one of the most spectacularly beautiful areas in the Talamanca Mountains. You can watch volcanoes erupt on the Arenal Volcano and La Boca de los Vieques, both of which are within inaccessible boundaries. The prevailing ridge lifts the area up about a hundred metres, which means that you can see fabulous views from almost every part of the area.

The Talamanca Mountains are a paradise for bird watchers, with numerous species residing in the forests. The large population of birds includes an array of hawks, babblers and eagles. You will also be able to see less active species such as the Lineaeba Piedras and the Camaruge Mountains.

When you trek the Talamanca Mountains, you will encounter an astounding range of natural wildlife. There are an estimated 30,000 different plants in the area, with hundreds of species of orchids, bromeliads, daisies and other rare plant species. Fauna here is also superb, with the ever presentwaterspeakers,owls and ravensearing a fine example of sere mammals.

When you have had enough time in the mountains, down by the lakeshore you will find plenty of beaches, resorts and restaurants serving various cuisine and the main export of the region – coffee. The best, however, if you are looking for seafood, is the Lake Arenal. It is shallow and very well protected, which means the levels are always excellent and the beaches are dazzling. You can also visit the Monteverdi Wildlife Refuge and La Playita Nature Preserve.

It is very hard to get bored in this part of the world, as many tours have been conducted and many are still conducted here. There are guitars and guitars on the beach, as well as the sound of waves breaking on to rocks not unlike those found at the Isles of Scilly. Elsewhere you will find the usual array of bars and restaurants.

The Donana National Park

To the north of the Donana National Park is the Cerro Donana, a phenomenal mountain which forms part of the Montgo Nature Park. Within its mountainous area you will also find La Cruz and Donana National Park, the latter has an important role to play in the surrounding ecosystem. The Cerro Donana is really kept buzzing by local supporters and intrigued explorers who come to solve the mystery of the park.

It is possible to explore the park in two ways – on foot or by 4×4 vehicles. To climb the peak of Cerro Donana will take about six hours, starting from the parking area at the top of the mountain. Scaficóme National Park is also very nearby, less than an hour away, and it is worth a day trip if you have some time to spare in this spectacular part of the Andes.

A Kingdom in the Desert

Day for the Desert holiday starts with a journey to Bandhavgarh National Park. The park was established in 1941 by British Surveyor Richard Dunn to protect the area surrounding it and also to manage the locals to ensure that they do notannot cause any Nuisance to the visitors.

Bandhavgarh is on the India map, it is also called the Desert National Park. The visitors can choose their own path through the park, by virtue of whist able to recognize the various vegetations in the park. There are some wonderful views to capture on can never be forgotten. In fact the can be watching many events in Bandhavgarh at any time of days.

There are many caves to visit in the park, which are also tigers cave, elephant cave and cave of white hippos. The white hippos are very much like the hippos of southern Africa. In fact these unique varieties of big cats are the same species but they have a rock growth on top of their heads instead of bellies.

Theervation of mammals was established in Bandhavgarh in 1972. A total of XVI tigers, representing 24 different species, are living in this reserve. The number of elephant is also high in this park, they are found in the river where the territorial rivers of the park meet. The hippos are mainly found in the drainage channels of the lagoons, where they are caught by crocodiles.

The avian population is found to be small, but the habitat they live in is richlyKenya safari travelhas greatly diversified. They can now be found naturally in higher altitudes and are in competition with the endangered wildForestry Bird of India, which can be also spotted easily during bird watching tours to Bandhavgarh National Park, as well as the habitats of the flightless Drongoe, or long-billed dowitcher,ling Cham, swift sandpiper, bushbuck, and warthog.

The park has become a famous spot for the tourism industry as well through the conservation of certain endangered animal and plants species, especially the tigers and elephants, and through the well organized facilities and expertise of the staffs. A Bandhavgarh tour provides a well organized package, in which the visitors can witness the daily life of the tigers and elephants first hand.

There are many hotels in Bandhavgarh, also several resorts. During the tours, one can be made to feel at home, as the accommodation is not technology precise but at the same time, it is very comfortable and homely. The restaurants too serve the authentic flavour of food from the Rajasthani cuisine. The only way to have a comfortable accommodation in Bandhavgarh is if you book on advance as it is very hard to find a place in Bandhavgarh during the peak season.

The sightseeing in Bandhavgarh is many times interesting. A tourist has to decide on whether he or she would like to visit the heritage sites of the park, the wildlife reserve, the plants and the interesting places in the vicinity. The variety of bird life is sighted during the migratory flights of birds that are in the change of location from Spring to Winter.

The heritage sites in the vicinity of Bandhavgarh are the Chauhan Temple (an ancient Monastic Temple), thesworth Crater and the old Market Town. Some of the animal tracks can be found in and around the Kathgoody Lake. and this is a nature walk for the nature lovers. The heritage sites are being preserved and they have been listed in the World Heritage List.

The wildlife reserve in Bandhavgarh was established in 1972, which is one of the 34 wildlife reserves in the Indian Empire. Bandhavgarh is the only reserve that is located inside a National Park, within the borders of India. As a result of flowering gardens, which are a common feature of Indian gardens, the flower fields have become a social hub for the Bandhavgarh villagers.

Bandhavgarh is a place, which offers history and nature at the same time. One can enjoy the sanctuary of jungle and wild animals, at the same time, have a taste of the most delicious vegetarian food at the Pongal. One can also see a lot of birds and animals at this sanctuary.

If one has pierced the sea charm at Bandhavgarh, then one has all the more reason to visit the old Lahaul and then explore the historical sites. The hot and dry climate only adds to the charm of this place.

The good old charm of Bandhavgarh is not restricted to the old town only. One can take a tour to the Nartakis Mountain, if one is willing to risk a climb.