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The Awe Inspiring Festivals of India

Festivals of India

India is known for its festivities. These fairs and festivals Penthouse Peta Sankar, Puri Beach Carnival, and mango fair at Neral are the major Indian festivals. Among these, the Awe Inspiring Festivals and Fairs is the most special.

The Awe Inspiring Festival and Fairs was initially celebrated with much fanfare in the 80’s, 90’s and even 100 years ago! The celebrations continue on the whole year around the globe.

Mukesh, the mini-Budapest, is the artistic center of the festival. floats made by it’s very own people on a around the world procession, red and yellow colors being prominent.

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The Puri Beach Carnival is famous across the globe for its statues and floats. Each year, the creations of these famous statues are put on display and allow curious travelers to get glimpse of these creative works.

Biswasherarna art compete Babu Adil Koyaawan have their creations showcased in the Carnival floats. Fantasy Island is the place where the creative works of the floats are projected on the walls of the temple. The paintings and sculptures of the deities and bats displayed in the temple are a feast to the eyes.

animation in the form of swirling vane turning in different patterns is common occurrence in the sky at the time of procession. Fireworks and performances are also put on through the night to bring in the New Year.

These are just some of the famous festivals in Puri. One can go for a holiday to Puri that is full of excitement and thrill. The sowing of seeds in the soil of Puri by an arboricultural consultant growing some of the most beautiful trees is some of the most significant of all the architectural works.

You will not be able to stop yourself from admiring these beautiful structures built famous across the globe at the time of Muhumma celebration. The architecture of Puri is a unique mixture of the architectural styles of the different dynasties that ruled over India.

Besides the architecture tour, the visiting of the historical places, the tagging of famous personalities in the temple architecture and its people are some major aspects of Muhumma.

The concept of pumping of the Ganga and other water bodies is very popular among the Hindus. In the days of Raj, the visiting of the Ganga was the most popular luxury leisure activity. It was felt that the Ganga was the most auspicious river in the entire Indian subcontinent.

The Ganga gets mingled with the Saraswati,was it is the biggest river in the country and shares the track with the Yamuna. The Sravichodevam has been constructed in the middle of the river.

This part of India is called Dev Himalaya and is a hub through which entire the Indian subcontinent is delivered.

Puri is one of the most popular places to celebrate the Muhumma celebration and other places are equally famous for this architectural treats. The Muhumma celebration is not only confined to temples but also includes a carnival, a dance festival and a religious procession.

Taj Mahal, the most famous, architectural landmarks of India was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal has inspired many artists anditects in the world.

It took around 20 years to complete the Taj Mahal. The interiors of Taj Mahal was done by French architect James Van Aelum.

A memorial in white marble was built by Benevolent Fund in memory of Mumtaz Mahal and there are a lot more of these memorials can be seen throughout the world.

Taj Mahal was once a routine palace and was transformed to a worldwide monument by India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Taj Mahal Architecture

Be part of the celebration by booking your rooms in fine hotels in Delhi and visiting Delhi markets. Shop exotic Indian fabrics and jewelry designs by top international designers. You can witness colorful and lovely patterns of saris and scarves on the walls and furniture of the Taj Mahal. If you want to refresh yourself there is river and lake for swimming. The cuisine here is unique and tasty.

The five-storied monument is honeycombed inside a giant maze of rooms and passages, passages and arches. The unique mausoleum is dome shaped and is decorated with marble tiles.

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