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Why Choose a Caravanning Holiday?

caravan trip

Caravanning is becoming more and more popular with over 35,000* new caravans registered in the US in 2021 and it’s no wonder with all the benefits of a caravan holiday.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a touring caravan for the first time, but wonder whether caravanning might be for you then read on to find out more about what caravanning is all about and some of the advantages of purchasing a touring caravan.

What is caravanning?

This literally means you take your home with you on the back of your caravan and you can then either rent it out to friends and family, or let it be your own and do what you want with it.

Ok so what is caravanning exactly? In simple terms caravanning is a method of using your home as a home to go to on holiday. In other words you caravan and then rent the caravan from the owners for the duration of the holiday.

What advantages are there to caravanning?

Very few people will argue against the benefits of having a caravan as your home away from home with its iron work fabrication. You have the flexibility of doing what you like with your home as and when you like so there are no more decisions to make throughout the holiday unlike if you were going on holiday in a hotel or a boarding house. The benefits also include:

Less brood time during the children’s school holidays

Choosing your caravan up at a remote location gives you a lot more room to live in and enjoy your holiday. When you are away from your home you can devote your time to your children, making them feel that they have someone to talk to and have grown up. This is a very comforting feeling for children who have had a hard time establishing themselves in a new environment.


As you rent your caravan, you can do whatever you like with it. You can include old parts of the caravan in your own home and customize it according to what you need.  essentially what you are doing when you hire a caravan is preparing it for you to use it when you have to go away.

Saving Money

Caravanning is a lot less expensive than owning a hotel or a boarding house and also very less energy consuming. How many times have you seen people walking out of a caravan with a big grin on their face? It’s because they had saved so much money that they could do whatever they wanted.

They could do laundry, cook more, keep themselves and their pets happy and also relax. How many times have you been tired and run down on the road because you’ve spent too much money on fuel and parking?

If you think a caravan is too expensive, why not consider a folding caravan?  It is easy to convert a touring caravan or even a ease to store and transport a caravan when you are going on holiday. You can take the car away at any time and go travelling the just like you would if you were on your own.

Consider a Caravan for Hauling Family Vacations

It may be that you and your family fancies a quite and a comfortable place to arrive at after work and you have a big caravan to tow your way.  It may be a case of biography-well, how about a caravan and a big tow vehicle!

The caravans come in all different sizes to cater for all different requirements,- the length of wheelhouses from 20 feet to 35 feet, the width of those from 7 feet to 10 feet and the height from 2 feet to 4 feet.

You will find that the classifications for these units finely fit into one of three classifications, light weight class A, medium weight class B and heavy weight class C. Class A is the most light weight but may lack in terms of bedrooms and modern fittings. Only those who are Commander-yssey wanderers will appreciate the luxury of having a cabin but even then you may need to make do with a double.

The very light weight class A caravans are:-

Cabells – 16ft wheelhouses

T PLEASE – 17ft wheelhouses

SEDDON – 18ft on average (measurements made on actual size)

MAURICE Tractors – ( Measurements only) 14ft wheelhouses