Porto Moniz Madeira Portugal

View over Porto Moniz, Madeira

Porto Moniz is situated on the northwestern tip of the island and is a major wine growing and fishing region for the island. Owing to it's remoteness, Porto Moniz was self-sufficient until very recently, it's population lived off it's own cultivated terraces and from local caught fish. The onset of tourism however has opened up this sheltered habour town.

Rock Pools at Porto Moniz, Madeira

Largely owing to the popularity of the local natural pools, a number of hotels and restaurants have sprung up in the town making Porto Moniz a popular resort as well as day-tripper destination.

Natural Seawater Pools

Waves crashing into the rocks at Porto Moniz, Madeira Natural seawater pools at Porto Moniz, Madeira

The natural seawater pools at Porto Moniz are a popular tourist attraction. The pools are formed on the seashore in the volcanic rock and allow visitors to bath and sun themselves, whilst buffered from the sometimes rough northern seas.

Waves crashing into the rocks at Porto Moniz, Madeira

The Madeira Aquarium

Porto Moniz is home to the Madeira Aquarium where you can experience in close quarters 70 or so local species of marine life that live in the Madeiran seas. 12 thermatic tanks hold species such as sharks, Madeiran Rays, Stingrays, octopuses, starfishes and many more. There is also a shop, an exhibition hall, library with internet access, coffee shop and bar.

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