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Fall Foliage in Colorado’s Ski Country

If golden aspens are more important than powder slopes then ski country’s brief fall may be a shock to you. Most of the major ski resorts in Colorado operate during the late fall through early winter. This time of year provides a succession of events including but not limited to dusk deer hunting, wildflower hunting, huemulking (grazing lioning) and of course fall foliage picnics.

I found one of Colorado’s best kept secrets this past winter, a small town calledomedaviesville, a mere 45 minutes from the ski resort cities of Aspen and Breckenridge. This “ski-in-ski-out” town has become the North American resort destination of choice for many middle class Americans who want to sample the breathtaking scenery of one of Colorado’s best kept secrets.

This small community of about rural size has one main road, which services a few asphalt paved tracks for motorbikes and car traffic. Riders on those vehicles can simply park in the major cities and use their summer build-up time to thoroughly explore the picturesque rolling countryside.

In the winter, as the snow falls northward and the temperature drops, the little town of Lamoille becomes the hub for winter sports enthusiasts. The St.air Family YMCA building, which dates back to the turn of the century, becomes a beacon for would-be adventurers long the St.air Inn and Suites. The Y offers a warm meal for a small charge and nightly entertainment for hikers and skiers.

Activities in the area include:

o Hiking

o Camping

o Biking


o Scenic Drives

o Horseback Riding

o Wildlife

o Rivers

What makes Lamoille one of Colorado’s best kept secrets is its location. It is quite possible to travel hours away from the major cities and still not be at all hungry or tired. The area is surrounded by mountain ridges and the Blue limit is never out of view. The skiing is incredible. If you are a beginner you can get by with a beginner’s or kids ski trip, which is included in a price. But as soon as you’ve proven you can ski or snowboard or maybe ride a bike some good and leave the driving to someone else.

Lamoille is also a very convenient location for those who need to visit Breckenridge or Steamboat Springs. Both of these parks are less than an hour’s drive from Lamoille. Best of all, you don’t need a reservation to stay at either of these two popular bed and breakfasts, in fact, both are still fully booked in the summer.

Now, the closest ski resort is Cabin Lake, a mere 15 minutes away. Although the snow is not inTrekkers, the nearby area offers enough variety of nature trails and ski runs to keep you busy for years. Trips toTwisted LakesandBreckenridge can be made from here, and of course, anytime you want to sample the mountain air, the cabin rentals here will be an excellent place to relax and enjoy.

Lamoille is not your typical ski resort. To say that it is is a unique place would be putting it lightly. This is a rugged area of unparalleled beauty. People come for all the adventurous activities, but there are also tourists who come for the picturesque beauty and the wildlife.

I can attest to the fact that if you have never been to Snowmass Village, either by land or by air, this is a very unique ski area. It is one of those rare places that has the potential to both delight and astonish. If you have occasion to stay in this beautiful wilderness area, there are several things you should consider purchasing or do some kind of loan restructuring. The natural beauty of Snowmass village, the infrastructure of this area has been blessed with pipes,celestial mountains and an amazing natural optic show.

This is a list of some of the items you should consider purchasing before you leave home:

o Family First Aid Kit

o Sunscreen

o Andrackel

o Beach Towel

o Binoculars

o GPS Unit

o Hand Warmers

o Insect Repellants

o and More importantly, just follow your GPS!

Besides your camping needs, Lamoille has so much more to offer. This is a fabulous place to see why so many people are choosing to live around the area again. The tubing, the water skiing, the golf, the pool, the restaurants, the shops, the geodesic buildings, and the hills are enough to keep you on your toes.