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My Best Holiday Spot Has To Be Cape Town

Cape Town Holiday

The summer has been a little unpredictable in the UK this time around. Lots of rain has lead to quite high rainfall in some areas and little rain in others. But it’s ending soon and it’s looking like January or February will be the best time to go.


Because it’s the Spring Festival time in South Africa and that means revellers will be out in force. They will be enjoying the wonderful weather and having some fun. They will also be looking to take in some of the new and exciting Cape Town tourist attractions. Remember that the summer months are always the best time to travel to a new place – you’ll have many more experiences and memories to share with your friends and family.

So how do you find out about the Spring Festival?

A reputable travel company will have plenty of information about the Spring Festival in Cape Town. They will be able to give you all the best deals, which means you will find the best summer vacation to Cape Town.

If you are still unsure of what to do during the festival, check out what activities are taking place and arrange to go to one or more of them. You will definitely find it a lot easier if you know what to expect beforehand!

The top Summer Beach locations will include:

Table Mountain• Sublime Offers endless and unrivalled views from above and below the sea level.• Cape Town’s most famous beach – Camps Bay.• Bo-Kaap• The beach in the Cape province close to the city of Simon’s Town.• plainly speaking, A few of the top and most popular Summer Beach resorts will feature wooden deck chairs and plenty of Other People.

However, it’s probably best not to miss East Coast beaches like Lerdo, Kynsevors and Bloubergstrand. They are definitely worth a visit and feature a multitude of restaurants and activities such as Sky diving and Scuba diving.

If you are not one of those people who looks for the bathroom before eating there are plenty of things to do in Cape Town. The trendiest places will feature high profile businessmen eating, shopping or feeling the urge to do something else on a beach surrounded by luxury hotels. But if you are interested in doing more than just sitting on the beach you will enjoy exploring Cape Town’s exquisite night life.

From start to finish it is night life fun. A huge part of Cape Town’s finer evening traditions centers on “lier till dawn” and “better to be a man than a bird” or “Eastern promise” as it is known by locals. At the start of Cape Town’s night life, the locals used to call the local Commander Crumm quite unidirectional. The name is said to have been derived from a Dutchman who started passing Heavenly powers to those who came from him.

There are plenty of one-off unique attractions within Cape Town’s suburbs too. The underestimated value of each attraction may outweigh its promotional or historical merits.

The form of transportation that will most likely influence your vacation is the double-decker or the lion. Tourists without a transit to the suburbs will simply get around the city on trains or buses. Whichever of these forms of transportation you use, you won’t be disappointed.

Historical sites that are inherent in the city include the Castle Garden City, St. James Church, the District Six Museum and the V & A Waterfront.

The Castle Garden City boasts of the oldest public market in Christendom, Groote Kerk (Garden of the Kerk), holding the title. Shopping aficionados find it the ultimate in shopping. More than 20 specialty shops offer cutting edge designs and lifestyle accessories. The shelves are stocked with everything you would ever need to cope with casual & formal needs, all at hand-hold.

The St. James Church is a firm favorite with tourists, becoming particularly famous for the July 4th Martyrs Day religious gathering. The Church is one of the oldest wooden structures in South Africa and kept up to date because of spray foam machine insulation, and an unusual site in that it survived the great coastal siege in 1695.

To the north of the city, an attraction lesser known but equally has its supporters is the V & A Waterfront. Popular for being the most beautiful canal in the world, it was conceived as recently as 1808 that the V & A Waterfront became a formal part of Amsterdam.

To the west of the city, you’ll find the Barentology Island, a lovers paradise. Herds of dolphins, porpoises and Amsterdam cormorants make this Dutch island a worthwhile treat. A true nature treat, the site gives you the chance to experience wild nature undisturbed.

With the city being carefully planned, Cape Town could be a rewarding destination for travelers from all walks of life.